Where to buy refurbished Macbooks (or excellent condition)?

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Hey folks!

Please let me know all the websites you know which are selling refurbished Macbooks or at least ones in very good condition to a cheap price.

I already know Ebay and apple.com

I am especially interested in a Macbook (Pro) with aluminium case and at least 250 GB HDD.

Thank you in advance!


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    eBay does NOT sell Refurbished Macs.

    Apple does. Amazon MIIIIGHT. Other than that, you're not going to find anything refurbished. It's all used in various states of disrepair.
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    i have seen refurbished macs on eBay (typically referbished by owner) or it is a business that refurbished them themselves but this is not always the case.
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    Get it from Apple then you don't need to worry about Warranty or stand of the referb.
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