root password?

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Isn't it true that the password to root is the same password as the one I gave myself as an administrator? When I try login to root from the terminal and give the admin password I just get reply 'Sorry'. Is there an other password I can use?




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    If you need to use "root access" in the terminal after logging in as an administrator, enter the command:

    sudo -s

    That'll change your terminal prompt to use root. By using this command, you don't need to enable the root user which may open numerous security leaks.

    FYI, the root password is not set by default; it is blank so that no one may log in as the root user. Apple has very good reasons for this. I could go into them inn detail, but it'd take a long time. "sudo" should be able to offer anything you'd need root for. If you still think you need to enable the actual root user, ask and I'll post instructions.

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    thanks 'starfleetX', this will do
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