Danish as system language in OSX

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I bought my iBook in the US (I'm studying over here), but being Danish, I thought it would be cool to set the system language to Danish. It's supposed to be real easy. Anyway, it doesn't work. I can set it to Dutch, German and what not, but not Danish. I get Danish as an option in system preferences/international, but switching to it doesn't change anything. I talked to a really clueless tech support person at Apple, and he said it would be "addressed in future updates" (I am running 10.1.2 BTW). I heard somewhere that the Danish version of OSX was out long ago, though. Anyway, I noticed there are a couple of fellow Danes browsing these boards, and thought I'd ask you? Is it really not out yet, or did that tech person just not know what he was talking about? Of course if non-Danes have input on using obscure languages, I'd be happy to hear from you too.


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