OWC Data Doubler, Dual SSD and Windows 7

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Hey everyone. Happy Friday eve! I posted this on Apple's official forum, but figured that I may get more answers on AppleInsider.

I recently ordered an OWC Data Doubler and second SSD for my 2011 Core i7 MacBook Pro. Already installed is a 256GB Samsung 470 SSD. I will be installing the second SSD, a 96GB Kingston, in the Data Doubler. The 256GB Samsung is for Lion and Lion alone. The 96GB SSD will be used for Window 7.

Here are my questions:

1. Can I remove the SuperDrive, install the Data Doubler and 96GB SSD, and then install Windows 7 on the second SSD via USB flash drive? If so, how would I target the 96GB SSD instead of the 256GB SSD?

2. If the answer to Question 1 is yes, is there a way for me to obtain the BootCamp 4.0 drivers while booted in Windows? Can they be downloaded from somewhere? I've heard the MacBook Pro requires BootCamp drivers to be burned to a DVD and that they cannot be installed on a USB, but if there is a way for it to be done, I would love to know how.

3. If the answer to either Questions 1 or 2 is no, then I'm fairly certain that I'll be forced to keep the SuperDrive installed. As a result, I'll need to remove the 256GB SSD, install the 96GB SSD, install Windows on the 96GB SSD, install the BootCamp Drivers, remove the 96GB SSD, and reinstall the 256GB SSD. This just seems tedious, and I would like to avoid doing this much work if possible.

Any and all help will be appreciated!



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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Yes, and I believe you just install the BC drivers as you normally would after booting into Windows.

    I am going to be installing an SSD sometime soon to my optical bay in my 2010 MBP. I am excited.

    FYI... you may want to enable TRIM. http://www.groths.org/?p=308
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,436moderator
    Originally Posted by Aquatic View Post

    FYI... you may want to enable TRIM.

    Not in all cases though:

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    BTW, here's another article showing another way to do it (this worked great for me on my early 2011 MBP). Beware that installing OS updates can reverse this (I just ran system profiler and see that TRIM is again not enabled).

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