This is what 72 ingested bags of cocaine looks like in your body

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Hmm, I didn't think your intestines were that high in your stomach. Then, how the heck does he keep them... in place, if you will.


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    That is an amazing scan. Wow, things have really progressed since the X-Ray.

    The thing one must realise, is that the human body really is made up mainly of water. That's why we can do things like yoga, running, sports, contortion, dancing and all kinds of things that bend, turn and twist the body in ways you wouldn't normally expect looking at static pictures of the body. Internally, the cavities in the torso are also quite flexible.

    With this picture though, this guy definitely is pushing the limit. Sure, everything seems to fit but it must be pressing on his lungs, heart, liver, and who knows what else. And if just one of those bags burst, bye bye. The intestines do look quite high up, could be because the lower intestine is massively jammed up.

    Drug mule = Not fun

    A pity we can't scan his mental state as clearly, what would possess someone to do this. But then again, drug dependency, mental illness, desperation, greed... all might be a reason.
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    I didn't think your intestines were that high in your stomach. imageimage

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