iDisk/Disk Copy Problems

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I have been having problems with OS X ever since I went into the root and changed all permissions in every folder to read/write. I now know that this is a giant no no. Right now I can't mount anything unless I go to the root (that is, i cant mount anything like disk images and idisks (-192 error in disk copy), but floppies and hds mount fine). Anyone know how to fix this besides reinstalling X?

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    Holy Moly.

    I'm sorry to have to resort to this advice, but I'd reinstall X to restore proper permissions on everything.

    Many applications check to see that certain files/folders have certain privileges. You've gone ahead and enabled read/write access on files that only the OS should have control over... not even the admin! Wonky behaviour should be expected to ensue... not just in Disk Copy.

    good luck!
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