Entourage import/export issues

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Well, this weekend Entourage X finally gave me my first real headache since moving to Office X. For whatever reason, when I launched the application, everything within my Sent Items folder was covered up by the standard OS X "pin-striping" (the grey and white background that underlies your toolbars, title bars and Main Menu).

I know that sounds wierd but it's true. I had about 15 items in my Sent box, and I could only see three. I knew the others were there because if I used the scroll arrow to move down the list they would magically appear, replacing the grey and white background. However, doing this to more than three emails caused the app to crash - every time.

So, I reluctantly figured I had to find a way to transfer my files to Mail. That worked "OK" but man what a pain in the ass to re-organize everything / stop using my default client (with all the saved contacts, etc.). Good for backup, bad for anything else. Then I found -- to my [utter dismay] -- Entourage X will NOT import mail from Mail(.app).

Anyway as best I can tell the Entourage problem was a corrupted preference file. Even after reinstalling the app and trashing my main identity, the goofy background graphic behavior persisted. But after trashing my Entourage preferences, it went away, so who knows. But now I'm stuck with the problem of getting my emails back into my default client.

Now, both programs archive mail folders as .mbox files when you drag them to the desktop. However, when you do a File Info on them, even if you change the app that's associated under the square Aqua button Entourage will not allow you to drag said .mbox files into its folder pane the way Mail does. I think this is because the file types are different. One is "Microsoft Entourage mailbox" the other is just "mbox".

SO MY QUESTION IS (sorry for the delay) is there a utility out there for OS X that would allow me to easily change the file type so that I can drop them into Entourage? Anyone have another way around this issue. I could just move to mail but man...I like Entourage X. It's just so much more flexible than mail - even without all the calendar stuff.

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