Cube Radeon and GF2MX cards.

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Sorry for all of the topics I have been posting recently, but I have finally made my decision on what to buy. I will be getting both a Cube 450 refurbished and a dual 500 Powermac refurbished from Powermaxx... Then swapping out the Proc cards. Here is my question, though. The Cube comes with a Rage Pro card (I think that is what it is called) and I want to upgrade it to, if possible, the Radeon, and if that is not available, the GF2MX. I saw a Radeon on Ebay, but that is the only place I could find one. Since the deal at Apple has obviously ended, is there anywhere else I could go for this? Thanks.


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    Cubes were available with Radeon build to order but that was not a stock card. I do not believe that the stock Radeon card will fit in the cube. A buddy of mine offered me his Radeon a couple of months ago but when I researched it it turned out that it did not fit.
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    Are you intending to put the dual 500 in the Cube?

    This is not going to be a simple swap. Things are very tight in there. And there are heating issues to deal with too.

    Here's a link where someone worked it out:

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    Good luck let us know how it goes.
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    You can use a PC GeForce2MX in your cube, I do, and it works just fine. In fact, i use an 'MX400', which wasn't ever offered on a mac. I got mine from (its a visiontek, and the only geforce2 listed).

    I really want a dual proc card for my cube as well...
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    Hehe. Already checked xlr8... That is how I knew it was possible.. Now for the thing about the video card, GF2MX. One reason I want the Radeon is because of the ADC connector... I love the Cube's form factor, and do not want to put the money in to purchase a connector which is overpriced and clutters things up even more. Secondly, I do 3d modeling, for which the Radeon is a much MUCH better option. Maybe I will just keep my eyes out at Ebay and make a choice. And of course, when I swap out the procs, you guys will be the first to know how it goes.
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    if you can just find an ADC radeon you'll be ok. you don't neccessarily have to get the "Cube version". You can alos get the standard powermac version. the only difference is you'll have to take the faceplate off the rage 128 and replace the radeon one with the old one to make it fit
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    Sweetness. Now to go find a place that actually carries one.. Now that we are on the topic, what other cards will work in the Cube? (ADC preferable, but I would like to know the others that work as well) Thanks.
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    I have been looking at pictures of the new GF4, and because of how long it is, that pretty much knocks it out of being a candidate for my new Cube. Hopefully they will release one that is a smaller form factor? *crosses fingers*
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    If you're near an Applestore, you can try there. That's where I got my ADC Radeon from. Also, check Every so often, they'll list a vendor selling them, though they sell out quick and they're usually refurbished. I think the last time I saw the ADC Radeon advertised on dealmac was about 4 months ago.
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    [quote]Originally posted by Jeremiah Rich:

    <strong>Sweetness. Now to go find a place that actually carries one.. Now that we are on the topic, what other cards will work in the Cube? (ADC preferable, but I would like to know the others that work as well) Thanks.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    radeon 7500 (and possibly 7000 not sure) works with a few modifications to the faceplate.

    promax made a dual head card that worked in the cube

    radeon 8500 may work but no one has tried yet

    xlr8yourmac has a blurb that mike successfully installed a radeon 7500 into his dual G4/500 Cube today. Talk about the king of all cubes
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    Yep.Read that. Sure wish they had an Apple Store here in St. Louis, though. I think I will tr to get ahold of one of the 7500 cards. This summer I am hoping to get a Powermac and 22" Cinema Display, so I am not going to go TOO far on upgrading this. If there is no word on the G5 over the summer, I will just go ahead and get the display, but forgoe the new mac, in which case I WILL do all the upgrading I can... I just sure hope one of the new G Force boards can somehow fit.....
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