Recording from audio tapes ?

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I want to transfer some speeches I have on tape to my computer (mp3, then to audio CD).

Using iMic as an input device, will Quicktime Pro handle the input/encoding for me? Or can I do this without QTPro ?



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    Ok, I'm guessing you want inexpensive...

    Not sure about QT, although I think no audio recording feature.

    A quick and dirty way to do this is to open the SimpleSound utility (the one you use to record your personal alert sounds). It is a little known feature of this, but if you ignore the popup box, and go to the File > New menu you can record a stereo 16 bit 44khz signal off your audio inputs. This is already in "CD" format, but iTunes will convert it to mp3 if you like. Then you can use discburner to plop it on a platter.

    For a bit more style and feature, but still freeware, check out <>. This GPL project has a _nearly_ ver.1.0 sound editor including recording, cut / paste, filters, reformatting...

    If you want to play "studio" and professionally correct the tracks for pops, noise, etc., etc. then you should begin an investigation of higher function (and higher cost) audio software. Many professional music studios use Mac-based control systems. Avid could sell you a nifty setup for six figures.
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    I've been happy by recording from SoundInput via SoundJam. I plug my cassette player directly into my G3 and record as a direct input, no mic. Good results. You might also want to check out Coaster. Find it on

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