OTA iOS5 UpDate For iOS4

in iPad edited January 2014
What I mean is, is it at possible we can see an iOS4 update thatll allow downloading of iOS5 on the iPad, completely foregoing the computer?

The reason I ask is, I synced some podcasts to my iPad & suddenly got a message that one of the books I was completely engrossed with

and in the middle of "wasn't authorized" by my MacBook and was summarily deleted

while I'm in a place that has ZERO iPad internet access -- CAT5 but no WiFi -- so I couldn't grab it out the cloud for more than a week.

Needless to say, I almost threw the frukkin' thing out of the frukkin' window -- the MacBook, not the iPad.

But with straight-to-iPad updates, I needn't worry about another machine's nott being "authorized" so certain things will be wiped from my iPad.

So again, any chance at all iOS4'll get some sort of capability to download iOS5 on it's own?


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