HELP!! PMac 9500: Startup screen not kicking in...

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I hope someone here can help me out with this problem. I have NEVER heard of this happening before...Here are the specs of my machine:

- PowerMac 9500 with Sonnet G4/450Mhz processor upgrade

- 768MB RAM (6 128MB EDO DIMMs interleaved)

- 2 Gig Startup drive (came with machine but will be replaced very soon)

- 9 GIG LaCie drive (added on)

- original ATI Exclaim 3D card (came with machine and used with smaller 2nd Apple monitor)

- ATI Rage Orion 128 card (added on and used with main monitor -Optiquest)

- Asante Ethernet card (added on)

- Lava USB card (added on)


I had just got this set of RAM, replacing old original ones (96MB) and this problem started:

When I start up my machine with the power button on the keyboard, my monitors come on, but the startup screen doesn't come up and the hard drive doesn't continue to spin/startup. I had this problem with a first batch too (that 1st batch made Photoshop and TechTool freeze up as well, so I got a replacement batch...I still have this startup problem).

It seems like if I shut the machine down completely and it's off for a minimum of 15 minutes (this happened after being off overnight too) and then starting up perssing the power button on the keyboard, the problem happens. If it's off for a shorter moment and then I start it up immediately, everything is okay.

Have any of you heard of this?? It happens after the machine is off and cooled down. I don't get it.

To get around it, I would have to warm boot the machine when it starts up and the monitors are still black and it kicks in right away. I don't want to have to do this every time I start up. I should be able to walk away after pressing that power button, knowing that it's starting up...

I had put my old RAM back in, and it was okay. I took out the addon cards mentioned above (except the video ones) and it was okay. It looks obvious that it may be the RAM, but the Syatem Profiler or techtool didn't show any problems and I ran tests with the video too. Does anyine think it's the EDO aspect of the RAM that's doing it? It's not like I mixed the 2 types of RAM or anything, so I didn't think that would have made a difference...

Is my hard drive so slow that it's no longer starting up fast enough with this RAM?? I hope it's not my Sonnet G4 card either. If anyone has suggestions, please help. Thanks.

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