Airport internet connection problem!

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Before (when I was happy ) I had this network setup: DSL modem ----> ethernet hub. Off the ethernet hub I had a B/W G3 tower and an airport that I could connect to through my Tibook. I have a dialup connection but the airport used to save the IP address so I could connect with either my Tibook or the G3 at any time. Now something has gone wrong. I now have to be connected to the internet through my tibook for my G3 to connect. Worse, my tibook has started to have trouble connecting to the interent. Often it just says waiting for connection until I restart the DSL modem and then usually it connects. If I put the Tibook to sleep then I will loose the connection. Sometimes the connection just drops out on me while surfing the web. My question is wether this is a Airport problem or a Pacbell DSL problem. It seems to be that the airport is no longer holding the connection even when the computers arn't on the internet and is even droping the connection to the computers randomly. Or it is possible that this is a DSL company issue and there is something wrong with my line connection. BTW the tibook is running 10.1.2 and the B/W Tower is running 9.2.2


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    How does the dsl modem make the connection with your isp?? Is sounds like your dsl modem isn't dialing your isp.
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    solosolo Posts: 89member
    I think it might be the phone cord so I am going to try relplace it
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    This has also happened to me a few times with Qwest DSL. At first it happened when the "Code Red Worm" was going, and apparently Qwest was shutting down connections with their servers when ports were being scanned by this virus.

    Then more recently, I had a few instances where I had to restart my DSL modem, and the problem seems to have cleared itself up.

    Has this been going on long?
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    macmediamacmedia Posts: 152member
    I've got a similar problem. I used to have a different ISP and everything worked fine.

    My setup:

    G4 acting as a software base station running OS9.2

    G3 Powerbook sharing that connection via Airport.

    Cable modem connected to the G4.

    I've got an older Mac that connects to the Internet via Ethernet through my router. It does seem weird though that after restarting the older Mac (7600) , it takes 45-60 seconds to establish a connection, while the G4 connects instantly.

    The big change with the Cable modem was AT&T @home used to be the provider and they provided a STATIC IP address and now that Insight Communications is the provider, they did away with static IP addresses.

    Any ideas? I'm wondering if it would worthwhile to buy a Base Station though I don't know if that will solve the problem.


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