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I have an horrible addiction to really old DOS games (rpgs, that haunts me still despite being a faithful mac user for years.) I recently have found that I can run such abandonware quite well on Virtual PC, but that I have a very simple problem I can't seem to get around - there are no diagonal movement keys on the mac keyboard! I wonder if someone can help me with this as I have tried to do internet research and failed to come up with any fixes.

The macs with numeric keypads simply don't register any input for the corner keys (7,9,1,3) with num lock off, so I was even wondering if it was a hardware issue. If so I could start looking for a way to frankestein a PC key board to a mac (shudder.) If it was a case of MacOS throwing away these keystrokes in software then there might be an obscure program out there to help me. Anyone have an idea? Virtual PC is another possible culprit, but I think that is less likely than a conscious design decision from AAPL at some point to go another way.

For those of you about to suggest that I get with the graphical revolution and learn new games or even stick to old mac fare, I would reply that I am healthily into newer titles and even the mac abandonware world, but I just really like the feeling of being close to the bytes and the author's little world in these old pieces. And I am younger than my facination with the above antiques would indicate. .

Thanks for your views (and answers hopefully!)


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    This is a software issue, not hardware. The problem lies within Virtual PC. You might be able to fix some settings, but I'm not sure if you can fix your specific problem.

    Actually, have you tried those keys in a mac app to be sure they work? Perhaps you do have a hardware problem if the 7, 9, 3 or 1 keys don't work without num lock (I just typed those without num lock).

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