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Hey. Last night, I had a pretty large problem in OSX, and had to reinstall the OS. I did not reformat the HD, as I need all the data from it. Anyways, I went ahead and decided to upgrade to a 40 gig (up from a 20). Anyways, my friend has a PC and the plan was to use DAVE to transfer all the files to him, put in the new HD, and bring them back. Anyways, when I went to take a look at DAVE, I get an error saying I must be logged into root to start it. I am on an iMac DV SE 450, and could really use help. Also, I tried using the demo for OS9, but it will not load (lockup on attempt to install) Any ideas are welcome. Oh yeah, if there IS a way to log into root, how do you do it? (One more thing. I do not have another mac or firewire drive available to use)


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    Just so you guys know, I have now fixed the problem. Thanks.
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    jambojambo Posts: 3,036member
    When I read the name of this topic I thought you were having trouble with some guy called 'Big Dave'.

    I was gonna offer to break his legs for you.

    Oh well.

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