New iMac won't start...HELP!

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She's Plugged in and the mouse and keyboard are plugged in nice-like, but now if I press the power button she won't do anything, it's like she dosent get any power.

We had her start up 3 times just fine (once because we hit the power button by accident during setup) but now nothing


What could it possably be? being a new PC convert I don't know much about macs, but I know this aint a good thing.



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    You're a PC convert? can I have your iMac then?

    Sounds like maybe the power cord has come loose from either the wall or where it plugs into the mac. If it is neither of these, get apple to fix/replace it.
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    Do you hear anything all from the iMac. My wife's iBook wouldn't start. It did make a little bit of disk noise before doing nothing. Turned out to be one of those bad AC adaptor.

    Try a different outlet or use a cord you know is working on another device. ... sounds like a simple power problem.
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    It started up 3 times, but once during the setup process? I'm confused already.

    Is their any sound at all?, any picture at all? I think it's the powercable connection like every body else.

    Come back with exact info if you havent already. Either way do tell.
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    I hope this helps. From MacInTouch's <a href=""; target="_blank">iMac Reader Report</a>:

    [quote]Feb. 18

    Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 19:48:27 -0800

    From: Jean-Daniel

    Subject: Dead flat-panel iMac fix

    I work for a small IT company that supports several advertising / media firms in the West LA area, most of which are almost exclusively mac-based.

    Yesterday morning, the President and CEO of our main client had the hard drive in his G4 tower die, and I spent some time swapping another HD in and restoring data from tape backups. After re-installing the tower in his office, he started having problems with the fan vibrating, at which point he decided he wanted a new machine.

    This was about 5 in the evening ... My company is an Apple reseller, and as such, won't receive the shipment of iMacs we had ordered for another couple of weeks. So we scrambled to find one, ended up driving to Redondo Beach and picking up a top-of-the-line flat-panel at about 7 o'clock. I spent another couple hours rebuilding this machine to resemble his old one. When I was finished, I shut it down, took it up to the CEO's office, plugged everything in, and pressed power ... And nothing happened. The machine was dead. Swapped keyboards, swapped power outlets, moved plugs ... Still nothing. Tried the reset switch under the base panel. Completely dead. So at that point, I took the machine back downstairs and went home.

    <strong>Next morning, the head of my company was on the phone with Apple tech support, who of course had no idea how to deal with it. After several escalations, Apple asked him to look for the red power light under the base panel, which was not on, indicating the machine was not receiving power. My boss looked at the power cable, and noticed it wasn't grounding correctly; the circular power contacts were loose. He used a small tool to tighten them, plugged it in, and the machine turned on instantly, and worked flawlessly from that point on.</strong>

    Apple tech support, still on the phone, was amazed ... There were actually people in the background clapping, and said something to the effect that he had just solved a known problem that they had no idea how to fix, and implied the 'dead' iMacs where the reason shipments had been delayed, and that they were going to get engineering to re-design the power cable.

    The CEO whose computer we were working on happened to be in the room at the time all this happened, so we managed to come out looking very good. He's been using the computer the whole Friday, and is liking it more every hour.

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    I don't know what little round things that article talks about...anyone understand that and can explain it to me (pictures maybe). I looked all around for loose parts, and nothing I found seemed anythingless than snug. I checked the pins related to the powercable and they seemed fine.

    It sounds exaclty like the above situation, I push the button and nothing at all, no fan no light. cables are plugged in tight.

    After teh apple service help told us that it would be too long to wait for the next product specialist we flipped the computer over to check the serial number and write it down. when we put her down she booted. Well, been workign fine for the rest of the night, but this make me far from confortable. I think I am going to buy the extended service plan now, adn if I ever have any trouble or this is a hardware issue I just trade her in.

    At least my computer did not come in that crushed box full of water and less a mouse...
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    [quote]Originally posted by fuzzymonk:


    I think I am going to buy the extended service plan now, adn if I ever have any trouble or this is a hardware issue I just trade her in.


    You can't trade her in. Apple has a no return policy. They'll opt to repair in all situations.
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