Use an iPhone to see EXTERNAL guitar oscillations

in iPhone edited January 2014
I think I did a first with the iPad and iPhone. It's a technique to make way cool guitar videos using an iPhone or iPad.

You know the cool video where the guy dropped his iPhone inside his guitar and captured guitar oscillations? I figured out how to use an iPad and iPhone OUTSIDE the guitar to capture similar oscillations.

The trick was to add a ton of light, in fact, 2600 watts of industrial light, to get the IOS camera to auto ramp up the shutter speed fast enough to see the oscillations. Plus the camera orientation is important to maximize the rolling shutter effect. Details are in the comment section of the youtube video....

I'm honored someone has already posted a comment that because no one else has done it, it must be a fake. But really, it's real! I'd love to see a posted video of someone playing a guitar in front of a Hollywood spotlight to corroborate my video.
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