problems getting Powermac to recognize hard drive in Pyro firewire case

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Last year (gosh, it was actually late 2000) I bought a Pyro external firewire drive case. You can put an IDE hard drive, or even a CD/CDR/DVD drive into it, and use it as a semi-portable external firewire drive. I recall having a few problems with it at the time, but it turned out I needed to pull the 30gb drive out of it to put into one of my PCs, so this case sat unused for over a year.

This weekend I bought a 120gb drive (great deal at Fry's -- 120gb ATA100 7200rpm drive for $189) and put it into the Pyro case last night. I still have the CD that came with drivers and instructions, but I can't get my machine to recognize the drive, either in OS9 or OSX.

I'm following instructions by moving these two firewire "helper" extensions into my OS9 system folder, then rebooting (with the drive powered off and disconnected), then powering up the drive and then plugging it into the firewire port. I have never had problems with any of my firewire macs recognizing my firewire CDRW or my iPod -- they mount to the desktop immediately.

When I power up and plug in this drive case, I can hear the drive "work" a bit as if it's trying to mount or something. Of course the drive hasn't been formatted yet, but at least my Mac should recognize that an unformatted drive has been attached, and give me the option to format it.... right?

Thought he CDR that came with the drive doesn't have any OSX drivers on it (and none can be found on ADC's web site -- in fact the only mention of OSX on their site is a link to Apple's support pages, where they urge you to download Apple's 2.5 version of Firewire). I actually don't really need the drive in OSX really, since all my data-intensive work is digital audio work in OS9, but I figured I'd try to mount the disc in OSX since I heard that 10.1.2 had better support for external firewire devices. Still nothing.

I'm about to pull one of my 3 internal drives and put the 120 inside, but I hate to go on wasting the Pyro case.

Any pointers?


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    jutusjutus Posts: 272member
    Did you make sure the jumper settings on the drive are proper for the pyro case?

    I'm not sure whether it is supposed to be master or slave...
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    Thanks for the suggestion, Jutus. That fixed it! Even though I thought I had already checked the jumpers, they were set to "cable select" which apparently does not work with this case. I set it to "master" and everything was fine.
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