ComboDrive in DVDless G3 B&W

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have a rev 1 B&W and i want to remove my current cd-rom and put in a dvd/cd-rw combo drive. I believe that usually this model of mac came with a dvd-decoder card that attached to rage128 they shipped with, will i need to buy one of those cards to attach to my rage128 to view dvd's with the new drive? also will i then need that rage128 to drive my monitor? currently i am using a radeon. lastly will this all work in os x? i'd be happy with using toast to burn cd's and apple's dvd player to play dvd's... is any of this possible?


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    About the first things you listed about the hardware decoder, I have no clue. How fast is your system though? I have an iMac DV 450, and it plays DVD's great in OSX and OSX....
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