Disk Burner produces incompatible files..

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I'm a brand-new iBook owner with a disk burner problem - the cd's I burn are readable in a PC, but the files on the cd are not. Example - I took an Acrobat file from the PC to the ibook and burned it onto a cd, and the pc saw the disk, saw the file, but said it couldn't open it. Same thing for TIFF files from IView, files from Word, lots of others. I'm using system 9.2.1, and use the default format suggested by Disk Burner.

Does this sound like a disk burn problem or a file-type-and-creator problem?


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    are you naming the files with the proper PC extension?

    When you copy the files off of the CD to the C drive can you open them?
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    Well, I've tried files with extensions, without extensions, even took a file from the PC to the iBook, burned it on the iBook burner, took it back to the same PC, and it wouldn't open it or copy it.

    The pc always reads the disk, says it has files, even has the sizes and dates/times, but it will not open the files or allow me to copy them from the CD.

    It sys that the files are either corrupted, or unrecognizable, or the file structure is defective. I think the exact message varies from program to program that I try to open things with.

    Today I'm gonna try two things - burn the disks slower, and email some of the so-called "bad" files to the PC and see if I can open them then.

    This is really driving me nuts because one of the reasons I got approval to buy the iBook was the way it would "seamlessly integrate with my windows environment"
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    After all that, you may try Toast. I've had nothing but great luck burning Mac/ISO9660 hybrid CD's...

    It may be a software problem. It could also be a daft PC problem, try different machines.
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    [quote] the file structure is defective.<hr></blockquote>

    sounds like disk format issue. if u can format the disc to fat32, ntfs, or some pc format, it'll prolly work. toast does iso discs which work both ways i think, but macs can read pc discs so if ur going both ways, burn it for pc.

    on pcs u need extensions for windows to know what to do. acrobats are ".pdf" if u can't read/copy off the disc though, the program(s) don't have a chance at caring about the extension.
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    I may have found at least a partial solution -

    I tried TDK disk blanks, and they have worked fine so far. Funny thing is that the disks that didn't work were: a Memorex, a cheap white generic, several Imations, and the Verbatim that CAME WITH the iBook!

    So I guess I'l stick to the TDK disks, lucky for me Sam's sells them in bulk.
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