Monitor / Video Card / OpenGL Mystery

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hey everyone,

I don't know if anyone has experienced this problem, but whenever I play wolfenstein, the screen is never full size. I tried messing with some of the settings...yes...even including the "use full screen" option.

I have a 17" Apple CRT and a PowerMac G4 400MHz with a Rage 128 Pro.


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    Anyone? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">
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    jimdadjimdad Posts: 209member
    Sorry, this will be of absolutley no use to you but i noticed nobody had responded and i didn't want you to feel nobody cared

    I assume you are talking about the demo and I can only say that the first time i downloaded it that happened but i downloaded it again and it worked fine. Who knows ??? BTW this was on a new imac G4 using 10.1.2
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    majormattmajormatt Posts: 1,077member
    I have the exact same set-up. You may want to invest in an AGP Radeon for the full game.

    You basically just need to strectch the screen in the monitor controls. If this is the case, you have black bars, doncha?
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    I have the G4 400 AGP Rage Pro 128 and wolfenstein doesn't even run for me, so consider yourself fortunate
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    Well I guess I should consider myself lucky then! I got around to thinking though, do any of you think it could be some sort of OpenGL problem? Because when I run the iTunes visualizer, that isn't full screen either. But then wait...the screen savers all work fine...hmm I just don't know...
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    It's not OpenGL. I'd bet the game is not coded up right for system. Did you try switching the resolution before you start the game?
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    surfratsurfrat Posts: 341member

    I tried switching the resolution many times, still not working though. Is there any correlation of the fact that iTunes as well as Wolfenstein are not reaching the full screen capacity?

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    surfratsurfrat Posts: 341member

    I just tried the iTunes visualizer on my iMac, and it isn't full screen either. But Wolf on the iMac runs just fine. What can this mean?!!? Thanks for any help!
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