will Siri work on iPad 2?

in iPad edited January 2014
Will Siri and any other new fancy iOS 5 stuff all work on iPad 2?

I understand if Siri won't work on iPhone 4 and below since they have last-gen CPU. (Even though Droids work fine with voice recognition but I digress). But iPad has A5. AND...more importantly, Apple is still selling iPad 2 and I assume iPad 3 won't arrive until sometime middle of next year. Wouldn't Siri help Apple sell iPad 2s?

I am interested in Siri and I want to see how it works with my iPad 2, tethered to my Droid for Net access. (apparently it needs Internet sort of like Google's voice recognition)

On Apple's forums people have noted they haven't seen anything mentioning iPad 2 for Siri. Just wondering if any enterprising AI folks have seen otherwise. (I'm hoping!)
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