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My Cube DVD-ROM was dead today, I didn't purchase Applecare for the extended warrant, so the options left for me are either to go to the local applestore with my pocket full of money, or I might replace the DVD-ROM all by myself. I would like to go the later option.

I would like to ask if there anyone had ever replace the Cube DVD-ROM? and which 3rd party DVR-ROM is compatible with Cube, if possible, is there any compatible DVD/CD-RW combo drive for Cube/MacOS X 10.1.3?


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    The cube features a slot loading drives, so youre limited to those.

    I guess the best thing to do is to open it up, look at the specs of the drive, (model and vendor) and then go to a pc shop and ask if they can order the drive for you.

    Alternatively, contact refurbishing firms/ local pc assembly firms and/or repair shops to see if they can get that drive for you.

    I dont know which drive the cube sports : a desktop-esque size or portable size drive. If its standard desktop size Your chance of finding a compatible part might increase considerably.

    If your thinking about adding an alternative drive, the big problem is the size. Technologywise every DVD-ROM player works with the ATA controllers found on today macs.
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    Thanks for your informations iks_iv, I think that trying to replace the internal cube DVD-ROM by myself won't work since I did some search for the slim, slot-loading DVD-ROM earlier today and found it was nothing like that in the market.

    And suddenly I realize why Apple stopped developing cube, too expensive for these particular parts.
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    gordygordy Posts: 970member
    I compiled this list some time ago. Search with Google for the specific model number. I'm sure you'll find a vendor.

    Vendor\tModel\tUsually found in:

    Hitachi\tGD-3000\tPowerMac G4

    Hitachi\tGD-7000\tPowerMac G4

    LG (GoldStar)\tDRN-8080B\tPowerBook G3

    Matsushita\tLF-D110\tPowerMac G4

    Matsushita\tLF-D211A\tPowerMac G4

    Matsushita\tSR-8174\tPowerBook G3

    Matsushita\tSR-8176\tiBook 2001 (DVD-ROM)

    Matsushita\tSR-8184\tiMac DV

    Matsushita\tSR-8186\tG4 Cube

    Matsushita\tSR-8187\tPowerBook G4 Titanium

    Matsushita\tSR-8583\tPowerMac G3/G4

    Matsushita\tSR-8584A\tPowerMac G3/G4

    Matsushita\tSR-8585\tPowerMac G4

    Matsushita\tSR-8585F\tPowerMac G4

    Pioneer\tDVR-103\tPowerMac G4/733PowerMac G4 (Quicksilver)

    Panasonic\tCW-7121-BCW-7121\tiMac 2000 CDRW

    Toshiba\tSD-R2002\tiBook 2001 (Combo)

    EDIT: Here's one: <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

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    Moving to Genius Bar.
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    I belive the drive is the same form factor as the one in the old iMac... (I know from opening mine up) If this truly is the case, it would not be the reason the Cube's production was ceased.
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    gordygordy Posts: 970member
    They are different models, but I'm not sure how much it matters. I read somewhere that there was firmware on the iMac DVD drive specific to the iMac. Therefore, it may not work on the Cube.

    Matsushita SR-8184 iMac DV

    Matsushita SR-8186 G4 Cube

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