Filemaker 5.0 and creating specialised drop down menus.

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I was wondering if someone could help me here.

I have a filemaker database file and I am at a recuitment agency and they want to create a database that enters in job seeakers current job.

It is One of three posible main categories (ie divisions) and each division has a numbewr of positions in it. I have each of the possible combinations in another file called positions. I know it is probably a simple solution but I cant seem to work it out.

What ideally I would like to do is when you select the department pop-up menu, the position pop up menu will only display the positions that are relevant to that department.

For example,

Department: Finance

Position: (one of): Accountant, Financial Controller, Credit

Department: Medical

Position: (one of): CRA, CRA - Senior, Medical Writer

Department: Manufacturing

Position: (one of): Technicial Manager, Foreman, QA Supervisor

You help is greatly appreciated.


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    1. Go to layout view.

    2. Highlight the field you wish to create a popup menu on.

    3. Goto Format on the menu bar and select Format Field.

    4. You should now have a window displayed.

    5. Where it says Style choose pop-up menu.

    6. To the right of that is a tab that allows you to define the list of values displayed.

    7. Enter the values you need displaying.

    Good Luck


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