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Is there anyway to crop a video clip the same way you could crop an image?

I want to create a movie that has different dimensions than the original. QuickTime pro allows for a change in dimensions, but not cropping (the video is simply stretched or compressed to the new dimensions). Premier's clip effect does the job, but instead of a new video with different dimensions, i get a video with the same dimensions, but with black bars in the cropped out area. Premier's crop tool keeps the dimensions the same but stretches the video (the same way that QT does).

Basically I have a video at 320x240 and want to change it to 320x220 (give or take). I want the top rows of pixels to be deleted.

Make sense?

What program do i need to accomplish this?


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    I just tried. You can use Premiere.

    Go to Project > Settings > Video, set Frame Size to 320X220.

    Import your 320X240 movie, drag it into the Timeline, and select it. Apply a filter (Clip > Filters). You could use the crop filter, but for some reason it only allows 20% or 20 pixel reduction, so I prefer Image Pan. For a crop effect, simply choose exactly the same crop window for the Start and End.

    Export the movie. Note that the movie will not preview correctly within Premiere (it will misleadingly appear stretched) but it will export correctly. Don't believe me?--hold option and click on the numbered part of the Timeline, and an accurately cropped image should appear in the Monitor window. (You could actually hold option while scrubbing for an accurate preview, but this proves to be prohibitively slow.)

    Best of luck. Reply if there are any snags.

    Yay for digital video.

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