One Last Chance?

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I recently posted this comment on a Macworld forum page and add it as my first comment on the Appleinsider page. I hope it reflects both hope and frustration, in appropriate degrees....

I'd be interested to know how many "pro" users (especially those who are still fed up with Apple for its "way beyond the rumor sites" deflation this past January) are considering jumping ship if Apple doesn't make a SERIOUS and SPEEDY upgrade to both its motherboard and clock speeds on the Power line. Maybe OSX and ease of use will keep the faithful ... faithful, but there has to be a degree of disenchantment with a BMW caliber company, the horsepower of whose machines is no longer commensurate with the grace and handling of the same.

I for one will BUY and STAY if I can be convinced that Apple isn't destined to fall farther and farther behind in terms of raw power. And maybe I'll stay anyway--for a great operating system, great software, and lack of a better alternative. I just hope that Apple is getting the message. Last January still smarts for some of us who were ready to buy and, more importantly, BELIEVE.


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