No More "iPod" for iOS 5 on iPad?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Yes, it's been renamed "Music", which is fine, but I have a real problem with the design decisions in this app update. Buttons are so subtle, they are difficult to see, the scrub function has been minimized to the point of ridiculousness and the new grouping of music is cumbersome. One cannot sort music by column, which I find silly (at the very least).

What are your comments and/or criticisms?


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    It was never "iPod" on the iPad. It was only ever "iPod" on the iPhone…

    It's different, but I've used it for a good long while, so I can't really remember how it used to be.

    Lyrics don't show up anymore, regardless of what you do.

    Kind of renders having lyrics completely pointless now, doesn't it?
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