iOS 5 Update Balloons "Other" Category

in iPad edited January 2014
I'm updating to iOS 5 on my iPad, and when I try to sync somehow my "Other" category has ballooned to 30GB of data! Luckily I have a 64GB iPad, but I had to remove all movies, TV shows and Podcasts and most music and photos. I'm not sure how this happened as prior I always had plenty of room on my iPad. Any info would be much appreciated!



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    Never mind. In the middle of the sync, "Other" has now shrunk to 1.95GB. Strange. This iOS 5 upgrade is a bit buggy.

    I also got a message that my MacBook Pro is no longer authorized for apps installed on this iPad, but then when I click the "Authorize" button it says that my Mac is authorized already.
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    Originally Posted by hanguolaohu View Post

    This iOS 5 upgrade is a bit buggy.

    Not in the least. Updates always ALWAYS do this.
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