Using Locked Iphone 4S in India

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Hey Guys ...

I wanted to know that if i get a carrier locked iphone from USA will i be able to use it without activating...

I basically want to use it as a ipod touch for gaming and snapping pics.....

I dont need its calling capabilities.....

SO Will i be able to use Its camera and other features without activating.....

Any Help would be really great...

And If anyone has any idea about this then please let me know...

Thanks in advance...


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    Why not buy an iPod touch instead of wrangling with something that very likely won't work at all?
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    Actually I have A ipod touch 4G..

    So i just wanted to try out the new features of iphone 4S without spending much money on it and using it as a ipod
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    cmmo'n man is there no one to answer my queries..
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    Originally Posted by hiback View Post

    cmmo'n man is there no one to answer my queries..

    I don't think anyone has bought a locked iPhone 4S to NOT use it on a network yet.

    So it's really impossible for us to determine if iOS 5's on-device activation works on a device that will require carrier activation.

    It's pretty foolish of you to be buying a locked one, at any rate.

    You'll have to pay for the first month of service, which means you have to stay in the US to do that. And even if you can pay for the first month in advance, you'll have to stay in the US for at least 30 days to then pay the ETF at the end of the first month.

    Which adds up to darn near the amount of the unlocked model.
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