The dinosaur just ran over the rabbit

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Hoping to catch up with the wintel world...

"Last week, IBM researchers announced that they'd built silicon germanium transistors with a speed of 110 gigahertz - the fastest ever recorded. By year's end, they'll be building these transistors into chips at the Essex Junction plant.

The speed of the new transistors are only part of their appeal, says Myerson.

''Silicon-germanium chips are basically silicon,'' he said. ''Ninety-nine percent of the process steps are common.''

That means that IBM can build the chips on the same production line as its other silicon products, like the PowerPC chips used in Apple Computer Inc.'s Macintosh line. The only major difference is an extra step in which germanium vapor is deposited onto the silicon. Myerson said his firm's chips will not only be faster than those made with exotic materials, but also cheaper to make."

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