Trouble syncing Iphone 4S with bluetooth

in iPhone edited January 2014
Has anyone else had trouble syncing, or pairing, a bluetooth device with their 4S? I know some had this problem with the 4. I never had trouble with previous iphones but can not get my Jawbone headset to sync. Phone goes into the searching mode but no device shows. Just keeps searching. My headset IS in the pairing mode. I tried doing the reset on the iphone that some used with the 4. No change. Anyone else having trouble??


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    I cant get my Bose or my Plantronics to sync.... same results as you are getting with the searching and nothing being discovered.
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    shredshred Posts: 10member
    So is everybody else not having any problems?? or are we the only 2 people here that have treid...(not likely).. Anyone else?
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    shredshred Posts: 10member
    OK, I found my problem and I hope it helps others.

    I thought I was in the pairing mode with my headset but I had to do a "Resetting" and re-pairing. It had to start over with my new iphone and the reset was not even in the headset instructions. I looked it up online. Maybe you need the same with your bluetooth device. Good luck.
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    Is Bluetooth still overall disabled with the 4S? Meaning you can't use it to transfer files between devices/laptops or whatever?
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