Iphone 4S: Shockingly poor battery life!

in iPhone edited January 2014
So i swapped my 4 for a 4s. Same apps restored on to it, same usage.

Im down to 10% from full charge after about 8 hours of standby time. Made no phone calls today, just a few texts here and there... much worse than my old 4 in terms of battery life.

Anyone finding the same problem?

Ive switched my mail to hourly fetch instead of push. can't find a 3G on/off function, deleted apps, cut down notifications...

useless effing phone!


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    I've heard of that problem and you are not the only one.

    With iOS 5 Apple introduced a lot of new features. Try to disable some of them like iCloud, iMessage, Ping (iTunes functionality) and reset your network settings. Every time you connect to a wirelles network it will save those setting on the iPhone and it will keep looking for that network while you are online. Closing apps with multi tasking can also help.

    It can also be a manufacturing mistake, so if the tips don't work you can always go back to the store.
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