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This is a complete newbie question that I'm almost embarrassed to ask. I just got a cd-rw drive for the first time and I thought I'd make a backup of my stuff on a rw disc so that I don't have a collection of cdr with my stuff, just one that I update. I used toast to burn the stuff. I chose "write session" but it looks like I can't delete stuff off it. I think I can write to it again, but I thought it was supposed to be like a floppy in that you could delete and rewrite it. Was I wrong or did I just do something wrong? TIA.


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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    I think DirectCD on Windows allowed for some of that freedom, but CD-RW technology really doesn't handle that kind of random access well. This is a limitation of DVD-RW too, but not DVD-RAM. DVD+RW is supposed to be able to do random read/write sometime in the near future, but AFAIK, it's not yet ready.
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    so to answer his question....

    I dont have a CDRW, but it is my understanding that all you have to do it select "erase disk" from the special menu (in os 9) when the CDRW is highlighted in the finder... for OS X instructions, I cant imagine it could be much different... maybe there is an option in Toast?


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