Is there a better app than remember the milk?

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I've heard about "things" that works on the macbook, ipad and iphone, but it's too freaking expensive

so I downloaded remember the milk for free and it's awesome so I was thinking about going to a pro account but I don't know, I like remember the milk because it's really updated, you can even use siri with it and they have an extension to gmail, so, should I keep on remember the milk? or is there any other one that allows voice and have the extensions and more things on the app?


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    And somehow Reminders doesn't do what you want?
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    Excuse my igonrance, as I'm new to iPhone, but isn't there an App like that on iPhone already? Again, I have the
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    Yeah, I know, that'd be my answer too, since I got to know about reminders I knew it would be the perfect thing to me, so I waited this whole time, and than when I fist tried it, It seemed to be a very simple thing

    I don't like its interface, and you can't group things together, so if I want to see only the things that I have to do for school I can't, It really looks like a sheet of paper and that's it...

    The only thing I like about reminders is that it reminds when I get to places, but that doesn't work for me because, the things that I do at school are... at school, and af far as now, my school is placed in only one address, so I use the alarm to remind me at the time that I know i'll be at certainly place... well, yeah

    The only thing that you get with RTM pro is that I can sync things between ithings and my mac, which I still can do with reminders, but, again, I have a problem, since I have 3 different accounts on itunes and I need to pick only one to sync... and I have no time now to choose my main account...

    so yeah, I'm (very) confused... Should I stay with RTM or try the different paid apps?

    And I don't have the new iphone, so, no siri.
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