2G in 1991, 3G in 2001, 4G in 2011, 5G in 2021?

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Do you think the next step after 4G/LTE will really take 10 years? Will 5G (or whatever it gets called) be more about faster speed or more about affordability and connecting new types of devices and appliances to the net?


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    I think its all about marketing, I know that ATT's 3G is throttled and has the potential to run at around "4G" speeds. So I think most of it comes down to what the marketers want to brand it as and what they think customers will like and pay for. I'm sure we wont have to wait 10 years for "5G" or whatever it is, we just have to wait till they throttle up the bandwidth.
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    I just envision a future where many things that we would never consider to be a computer become connected to the Net. I'm partial in thinking that 5G will be more about connecting the 'Internet of Things' and less about connecting people.
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    cgjcgj Posts: 276member
    When I look ahead, I see two simple standards controlling cellular networks.

    A) A modified 802.11 wifi for fast data speeds and wide network coverage,

    B) Simple GSM and CDMA 2G for voice and text

    I know 2G is an old standard, but I've found that it is a fairly reasonable and wide-spread standard that... There's nothing actually wrong with it.

    Just my two cents...
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    Originally Posted by CGJ View Post

    A) A modified 802.11 wifi for fast data speeds and wide network coverage,

    You mean 802.22.
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    By the time Apple releases an iphone 7 in 2016, I think they would need to start working on creating an all new device (with a new name) by 2018 to take advantage on new 5G tech.
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    Originally Posted by SolstroCken View Post

    It is hard to say, the technology develops fast today,maybe 2012 will be come out all the new product

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