Just got a brand new G4 and problem already !!!!

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I'm tyring to install a recording software Digital Performer 3 on a brand new G4 dual gig.

But it won't let me install it cuz it says there's not enough disk space ?!?!!? what !?!?!

It's the first thing i'm trying to install. But the problem doesn't end there....my friend told me to just re-start the comp and try again. So now when i restart, the computer freezes, it's just a the wallpaper (or watever you call it) but there's nothing else on the screen. So now i can't even turn off the computer correctly, i have to pull the plug. Now when i start it up....just the same thing...a blank screen. Now i'm wondering if my computers defected. Anybody care to help a poor soul....


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    Are you using OS9 or OSX?
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    thuh freakthuh freak Posts: 2,664member
    try starting the computer with the OS X (if you are running OS X) or OS 9 (if your on 9) cd. Then, use the diagnostics on the disc to try and troubleshoot the hard drive, failing that, possibly re-install the OS. Since its a fresh comp, it couldn't hurt to reformat. There might be an easier/nicer way of fixing your apparent problem, but I'm almost certain that this would work.
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    same thing i would have done.
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    same thing i would have done.
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