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I bought an iMac 600Mhz, 384MBRam 40 gig hard drive Cd-RW Drive, and a 16MB Video Card. I bougth this computer at the beginen of september. All of a sudden my screen will start to get bright and then dark, shrink to about 6" and then pop to origanal size for about 10 seconds and then start over again. This is scary. Any help. Please!!!


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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    that doesn't sound good. i suppose it's not covered by any kind of warrenty either. is that the model with VGA out on it underneath? if so one thing you might want to try is plugging in another monitor, see if still does the same thing on a different screen. if it does, it's your video card/signal, if not, it's your internal monitor.

    guess that will just narrow down what the problem is.
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    There was a smilar problem on some original Apple B&W 17" Studio Displays. The display would "pop", and the raster would shrink and come back up. It was covered by an extended RMA, and when mine was serviced, the part they replaced was the outer cabinet. The repair report wasn't terribly detailed, but I don't think it's a problem with the actual tube, but I don't think it's the video card either.
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