Suggestions for USB Wireless for iMac G4

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I have an iMac G4 (15" monitor) running OS X Tiger. I use WPA2 for my wireless. I recently bought an AirPort card for the iMac, however it won't connect to the WPA2 (nor WPA for that matter). Tried with just TKIP with no luck.

I've looked all over for USB adapters that work with OS X, so far all are Windows only (I'm guessing because at this point all Macs have built in wireless). I've tried Google searching (and AI forum searching) with little to no luck.

Any suggestions for wireless adapters with software that doesn't suck? I have an older Netgear adapter, but the software is clunky and crap.

Thanks in advance.


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    Does your location REALLY require that your network traffic be encrypted at ALL ? (it might ... don't take that as a slight)

    ...If you're in a house in a residential neighborhood, the odds of someone snooping around your wireless traffic is pretty slim ... nearly non-existant. If that's the case, you could drop the encryption altogether, use 802.11b, and the iMac should be able to hop on the network without problems.

    If you decide that the encryption IS necessary, then ... it MIGHT be easier to just run an ethernet cable from the iMac to the router.

    Just throwing out a couple options for you. I agree that spending on a new computer is hardly desirable if the one you already have does everything you need it to do.
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    I do live in a residential area and I probably don't *need* WPA2. But I've done network security in past jobs and I think it just comes as second nature to me to have such security on my home network. Coupled with the fact that I'm not 100% sure if I trust neighbors around me, is all. Plus, everything else works with WPA2, so it isn't an issue. I just happened to pull out this old iMac just set it up for fun, a project.

    I did however, find some decent adapters on Amazon (why I hadn't narrowed down my search to Mac OS before, I have no idea). I'm just hoping what I get will have software that feels as if it were written with the Mac OS look and feel in mind.
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    Originally Posted by AliasWyvernspur View Post

    ... I'm just hoping what I get will have software that feels as if it were written with the Mac OS look and feel in mind.

    Understandable... but... wouldn't you just use the software once to set-up the dongle, then never need to use it again? .... so the driver/installer software's "look and feel" shouldn't really matter much, should it?? (as long as it runs properly)
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    It is a common problem. You will have to try WAP2 PK this will help you to set your wireless secure.

    Securing information you transmit while using a wireless device has never been easier. I wish this was not the case but in the real world this happens every day, people go down to their local electronics store, buy a wireless router put the box under their arm and off they go.

    Arriving at their destination they open the box reach in and pullout the device. Connect the Ethernet cable to the port on the device while connecting the other end to the LAN or ISP. Now they elevate the antennas and presto the device has magically connected them to the Internet and to their LAN.

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