Lost app data

in iPhone edited January 2014
iPhone 4 using iOS 5 and iCloud backup

Have been running iOS 5 since with no problems. Tonight I connected the iPhone to a PC to sync/charge as per usual while I continued to do other tasks. After sync had completed in the background I happened to open an app on the iPhone to check some info only to find the app data gone!

Rather surprised at this I deleted the app from the phone and tried syncing with the PC again, ticking the app in iTunes so that it was re-installed. The app returned to the iPhone but again minus the data.

Finally I tried deleting the app again from the iPhone and re-installing from the pass purchases in the iPhone app store. Again the app re-installs, again no data!

As one might guess this data tied to the apps is important. Has anyone else had this problem and has a fix? What would cause this??

My one saviour might be a local PC backup I have of the iPhone from about a week or two ago on my work PC but I would rather not use that.


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    Was able to recover all the data, bar recent changes, from a local PC backup taken on 13/10/2011.

    Still none the wiser about why this data got removed from my iCloud backup. A bit worrying and I think I will still be doing weekly local backups to my PC as well.
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