network problems. pls help

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i have some concerns about accessing my school network with e Mac

Though i can access the internet with my mac, i can't access the other users. may i know what is e problem

secondly, does the icq for mac work the same as the one for windows?? can i also transfer file through icq with the mac?? even with window users??


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    1. The reason is that your schools machines are not hooked directly to teh interweb. After all, WTF would your school pay for 60 separate internet connections?

    They pay for 1 connection, and hook each computer up to that one connection. They do it with a box called a router.

    Boxes -> Router/Firewall -> teh interweb

    So the IP address you are trying to use is not a proper IP address... that 192.168.x.x address is a network address. When a box on the network wants a webpage, let's say some really raunchy pr0n, that box asks the router to fetch the raunchy pr0n on its behalf. The router the grabs the pr0n from teh interweb, and sends it to the box who asked for it.

    To make a long story short, it's next to impossible for you to access boxes on your school's network from outside. You'd need permission and information (login, proxy info, etc) to do so.

    2. Yes
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    Unless you mean you are on your school's network w/ an iBook or something, and can't see other machines.


    a) turn on filesharing on your book, get other machines to log on to you.

    b) vice versa

    c) Open Network Browser and connect to the server of your choice

    d)Make sure Appletalk is on

    e) all of the above
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    Let me take that a step further. There's a thing called Location Manager, you might want to use it to make a 'Home' and 'School' location so you can switch between network/file sharing setting w/ one click instead of constantly switching back and forth, turning stuff on and off.

    I will tell you this much though: You don't want Appletalk OR filesharing on if you are not on a network, sharing stuff. Both of these protocols, filesharing in particular (at least under OS9) are cpu pigs and will bog down performance for no reason (if you are not using them). In fact, I've yanked filesharing out of my powerbook (I never use it, just appletalk).

    Give Location Manager a shot.

    BTW, how do you like your shiny new iBook?

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    i dun like my new ibook. i simply adore it.
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