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Hello all,

New to the forums here. I recently bought a 4S and am noticing how long it takes to update my inbox on the Mail app. I log in with a Gmail account and it takes roughly 2-3 minutes every time just to connect, check for mail, and deliver my messages.

Aside from this problem, I have noticed the phone is very slow at loading many other apps -- ie twitter, facebook, words w friends, etc. The only time the phone seems to be fast is on Safari.

My question is do you think this is normal or may I have a defective phone? Should I get an appointment with the Genius bar or will it be useless? Please leave feedback!!


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    Originally Posted by Mac-Daddy View Post

    ... I log in with a Gmail account ...

    I'm already confused ... you have to "log in" each time you want to check mail ??

    Mine automatically checks for mail every few minutes (5 or 10 or whatever you have it set to in settings>fetch) ... or mail gets pushed to it in the case of .me accounts.
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    Wi-Fi or cell data?
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    Both, which is especially confusing for wi-fi. I compare my ipad 2 to the phone and open various apps at the same time side by side and the difference between the two is incredible.
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