Ipod touch 4 or 32' tv for christmas?

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
im not sure what to get. i have an ipod nano. i don't have a tv in my room and i found a 32 inch one on sale. i was going to get the ipod touch4, but i heard rumors about apple coming out with the ipod touch 5.


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    Updates happens in September. It didn't. So they're not.

    Get whatever you want.
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    siitsiit Posts: 7member
    iPod touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Assuming you have a TV somewhere else in your house, I really think you'll get a lot more enjoyment from the iPod Touch. I bought a Touch 4th gen last year. And I still see it as the best consumer device that I've bought in the last decade or more... including TV's, GPS devices, laptops, etc. Unless you plan on getting an iPhone some time soon, get the iPod Touch. Considering the total cost of ownership, the iPod Touch was a much better buy than an iPhone in my case.
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