Problems with macbook pro?

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So my MacBook has been acting really weird these days. At first, my safari kept quitting unexpectedly. Then one day, it kept giving the message that I need to restart my computer and when I did restart it, it came up again and again. Then, it wouldn't even start and froze where the apple logo is with the wheel just turning.

So I took it to the apple store and they said it was a software issue and fixed. I brought home and the internet was really slow and it took a really long time to start up but it was working. Then one day, the same thing that happened before happened again so I took it to the app,e store and they said that I needed to replace my hard disk so I got a new one. It worked fine for like 2 weeks. Then, just yesterday, safari kept quitting unexpectedly again and now today, it kept giving the restart message and is stuck on the apple logo again. Wtf!! What the heck is wrong with my computer? Can anybody tell me?


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    They're idiots.

    The Apple folk, I mean.

    Kernel panics are generally hardware-based.

    Please open up your Console and dump your logs of the event here. People tend to do that a lot and it sometimes helps.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,165moderator
    Post a section of your panic.log, which should be in /Library/Logs/panic.log. Generally a chunk of text surrounding the text that says Thread 0 crashed but check out the log and look for repeated errors and obviously the most recent ones.
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    siitsiit Posts: 7member
    Try opening the Activity Monitor (in Utilities) and check if something is taking up a whole lot of RAM or processing power.
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    I seriously adore my macbook pro its my best laptop ever.
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