help, need serious opinions on 733 performance issue

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I own a 733. Very happy with my machine, until a friend o' mine came home with his 450 G4, retail PC GeForce 2 MX 400, flashed.

He beat me in every game test we did, RTCW, Quake 3, etc.

Theoretically I should of kicked his ass in every test since i'm faster G4, faster ram and bus, 4X AGP and even i had 128 more megs of ram.

So that droped me to

a) his geforce is very superior to my OEM, SDRAM, GeForce2 MX

b) I have something inside my mac that's not doing it's job properly

I tried the hardware test cd that came with the powermac and showed no problems.

I'm thinking of buying techtool or one of those to do the tests, but i'm OS X only user (no classic in my hd), so i'm kindda reluctant to buy OS 9 software ...

are there any good hardware diagnosis tools for X ?

is there a way in X to do Mips/Flops tests ?

any opinions welcome




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