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I bought a copy of Quicktime Pro 5 and installed my keys. Now I received my New iMac 800 and would like to move one of the keys. How do (or can I) move the keys.




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    Have you tried to move the keys and it didn't work? If you haven't tried it...do it. It should be as easy as installing QuickTime 5.0 and then entering your registration information on the new Mac. Just like installing pre-owned software on a new Mac. I don't recall having to enter my Mac's serial number when I ordered QuickTime Pro so it shouldn't care about the Mac itself, just your name and registration number.
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    ptzwonptzwon Posts: 18member
    I tried entering the registration on my other computer but it's like it knew somehow that I had already expended my registrations on other computers. I then tried to delete the registration info. from one of the computers I had installed the keys on, but it wouldn't let me do that either. I gave me some kind of error message and made me keep the settings in place. Maybe if I uninstalled quicktime from that computer(if that is possible) and then reinstalled it, it would let me installed it on the iMac 800.

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    airslufairsluf Posts: 1,861member
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    I think I found your problem. This is from QuickTime 5's FAQ on Apple's site.

    QtWill my QuickTime 3 or 4 Pro key work with QuickTime 5?

    AtQuickTime Pro keys bought after October 12, 2000, will work in QuickTime 4, QuickTime 5 Public Preview, and QuickTime 5, including QuickTime 5 for Mac OS X. Keys bought before this date will work in QuickTime 4 and QuickTime 5 Public Preview only. If your key no longer works, visit the Apple Store to purchase a new one.

    So if your old key was for QuickTime 3 or 4 and was originally purchased before October 12, 2000 then you will need a new key for QuickTime 5.
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    ptzwonptzwon Posts: 18member
    Weird, I tried putting it in many times, but it hadn't worked up until now. I just put it in and it worked. Oh, by the way, I had purchased my copy of Quicktime Pro after Quicktime 5 was released.

    Thanks for your help,

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