IMac screen problem -need genius assistance

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Hi. After no previous signs of any problems, something strange happened to the screen of my IMac (first issue, Indigo). The screen began to slowly get darker and within 8-10 seconds had reverted to total blackness. I've re-booted seven or eight times, but still can't get a picture. The lights on the console are flashing OK and it sounds healthy enough. I also had an audio CD in the IMac at the time ('Raw Power' by Iggy and the Stooges if anyone wants to know) and this plays OK once the computer's re-booted. So I suspect the problem has something to do with the screen.

I haven't dropped, banged or knocked the IMac in any way, nor spilt any liquids / chemicals on it. It's driving me crazy. Someone suggested it may be 'sleeping' and I need to remove the battery for a short while to 'wake it up' but I'm worried about touching it in case I cause a bigger problem. It seems to be the screen that's faulty, not the rest of the computer. I'm not very technically minded so I'd appreciate any pointers or advice at all. Thanks for listening! Martin (London, UK)

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    sebseb Posts: 676member
    Sounds like the cathode ray tube or some sort of electrical component which powers the monitor part of your iMac is dead.

    I would contact an Apple Service Center. It really sounds as though it needs to go in for repairs.

    If you have a spare monitor, you could try hooking it up to the external VGA port. Just to see what happens.
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    allinoneallinone Posts: 279member

    I agree with seb it is probably the CRT or a hardware controller thereof.

    But first you should try resetting the PRAM.

    Hold down P+R+Option+Command keys immediately after powering up. You should hear the start up chime. Continue to hold down the four keys for 6 chimes to make sure the PRAM is totally cleared.

    You should also try to restart from a bootable CD (hold down the C key when starting up)
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