Claims of weakening demand for Apple's iPhone 4S disputed



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    Whether this rumour is true or not, the iPhone 4S remains a fairly minor upgrade and demand is likely to recede in 2012, certainly in established Western markets, without price initiatives that tempt customers to switch. IPhone growth is likely to be driven by Apple entering new markets.

    A lot of existing iPhone users, myself included, have bought every single model. Each successive one was a quantum leap above the previous version making the decision to upgrade almost a no-brainer. There comes a point, however, when even the most die-hard fan has to ask do i really need to get a new phone every year?

    I will be interested to see what % of existing iPhone 4 users upgrade to the iPhone 4S. I for one will not be. I just didn't see the increase in performance as being significant enough to justify it, especially given the cost. Had it been the much rumoured, slimmer lighter iPhone 5 with a larger screen and longer battery life, then I would already have bought one.

    Yep, that pretty much describes me. I bought every iPhone since the original at or near launch, except the 4S. This latest phone is excellent, no doubt, but I have to stop and think if it's necessary to upgrade every year.

    I see it as basically getting Siri (which is cool) and a better camera (which I don't need). But I also look at Siri as more of an artificial restriction than a true 4S feature. I think the 4 can handle it, but Apple dangles Siri using this restriction to drive 4S sales, which I think is a great strategy, but I find it hard to justify shelling out money and extending my contract for another 2 years to be allowed to use it.
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    Originally Posted by JohnnyHo View Post

    I just received my iPhone 4S 64GB in 3 business days from Hong Kong! I think demand must be light, but Apple hasn't adjusted estimated shipping times (as stated when I ordered on they were 1-2 weeks).

    Ordered on Friday 11/4, the phone shipped from Hong Kong on Sunday 11/6 and I received it yesterday, Tuesday 11/8. Wow!!

    Hello! In Hong Kong Friday was launch day and in the first 10 minutes they went on sale online they were sold out and haven't been available online since. Did you actually read the article? I have been trying to buy one out of HK online since launch day and have been unable to do so. Demand far exceeds current supply globally.
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    Originally Posted by S8ER01Z View Post

    I'm confused... your post seems to make his point.

    If you look at my list, you will in fact see that the iPhone 4 to 4s transition offers the most new features of any release so far.

    So no i'm not corroborating his point that all the previous gen upgrades were more of a leap forward.
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    Originally Posted by jhende7 View Post

    iPhone 1 to iPhone 3G - Introduced a plastic back instead of metal, 3g connectivity, A-GPS and a slight processor bump

    iPhone 3G to iPhone 3Gs - Introduced much faster speeds and a better camera, 2 x faster 7.2 mbps 3g internet connection

    iPhone 3Gs to iPhone 4 - Hardware re-design, retina display, better camera, much faster

    iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S - Antenna redesign, better camera, much faster, siri, 2 x faster 14.4 mbps 3g internet connection

    Very helpful summary. Thank you. But specs alone don't tell the whole story.

    The speed of the 3G versus the 1 was noticeably faster, making web surfing better

    The battery life of the 3GS versus the 3 was noticeably longer - if you watched video, you couldn't get through the day without recharging

    The speed, battery life and screen quality were markedly better on the 4 versus the 3GS

    In each case, I felt the user experience provided by each model was substantially improved justifying the upgrade.

    The only thing I didn't like about the 4 was the design. I've broken two so far. The practicality of a durable screen and back plate were essential buying factors for me. So when the 4S didn't fix this, as good as it may be in other areas, it wasn't have enough to make me switch.

    Other than its exposed glass front, I think the 4 is a great phone. Battery life and speed are excellent. For these reasons, i am happy to wait for the 5.
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