burning data to CD

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first of all, i dont know anything about burning CD! the iMac is my first CDR

is it not possible to burn data to the same CD:

day 1: burn 100M of data

day 2: burn another 100M of data to the same CD??

that's what i was told

in that case, i ve to gather 700MB of data everytime before burning??



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    CD-R can do multiple session, you just can't erase what was there and write over it. For that you need CDRW. The limitation is in Apple's DiscBurner software. It just doesn't support multiple sessions.

    It's not that big of a deal, though. Multiple session CDs are a pain anyway - you put one disc in, and several disc volume icons appear, one for each session. I've never seen an elegant implementation of it.

    But you can do multiple sessions with Toast if you have it. Or just use separate discs. CDs are cheap anyway.
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    I have been having nothing but problems with Toast. Apples Disc Burner is so easy to use but its absolutely ridiculous that it won't allow sessions burning. If this is what CDRWs are all about then the Zip will never die!

    OK, heres what happened. Toast simply does not work properly. It wants me to drag files onto a window then hit record. problem is, when i drag another file onto the window it puts that file in the middle of whatever is on there already! It doesn't just list them one by one. Then, when i go to hit record, it says some files couldn't be found, the corresponding items will be removed. basically it can't read icons like mail icons or the heart in all my favorites-thats ridicuolous!

    I got fed up and just dragged the files onto the CD and let the built in disc burner record it-it works fine(it was prettyy fast and all) but the disc burner won't let me burn sessions so basically my CDRW is filled (with about 20 mb!). I can't add anything to it. i don't understand why Apple wouldn't include the ability to add to CD's. It makes no sense since the software works great, simply drag and drop like you said, then drag the CD icon to the trash and its burned. Toast is wierd. i want Disc Burner to allow me to add items later and then all will be good. All my PC friends have no problems using their CD burner just like a floppy or zip drive......................................
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