Battery drain worse now, how can i revert back to IOS 5?

in iPhone edited January 2014
my battery life is significantly worse since installing ios 5.0.1

I have the 4S, 32 gig and initially had battery drain issue, daining around 10% an hour on standby. I switched off most of the location based services, most of the notifications, siwthced off all the system services, switched off wifi ad bluetooth and just kept the basic functions and it worked great! was going down 1-2% an hour on standby and last me the entire day with light use.

I thought the 5.0.1 would further improve battery life but since dowloading it, im draining at around 5-7% an hour on standy and quicker when i use the phone.

It is a lot worse now cuz there is nothing else i can swtich off (apart from the effing phone itself!)

So no, not only 5.0.1 didnt help, it has made it significantly worse.

Any ways i can revert it back to 5.0?
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