Lacie PocketDrive 30gb DATA RECOVERY

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I've already tried Lacie support, but they're the ones who got me into this mess.

I have a Lacie PocketDrive 30gb USB/FW portable hard drive. I've been using it with Macs, and when I tried to set it up for use with a PC (it was an emergency), the Lacie support person walked me through the process until I said, "Won't [that stage, toward the end of the process] erase my drive?"


Thank you.

I didn't do that last step (formatting), but when I tried using it again with a Mac, with which it worked before, the Mac said it could not recognize the disk, offering me to name and initialize it. D'oh.

I do not currently have a computer of my own, and that drive has everything of mine on it. EVERYTHING. I don't know a lot about computers, hence why I'm asking, but my understanding is that the data should not be completely erased.

PLEASE HELP. The Lacie people said DiskWarrior MIGHT work. But Even if I get a computer with that program on it, how do I try to fix a drive the computer doesn't know exists?

Please help, any suggestion is welcome.

Thanks so much,


PS I will sell an arm and a leg to buy a Mac after MWNY, but if anyone has something I can use until then, I can afford an elbow. (I will also check the buy/sell forum.) Thanks.


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    luigipluigip Posts: 2member
    there is no buy/sell forum.

    I'm looking for:

    -G4 (for video editing (FCP))

    -CD (/DVD) burning capabilities

    -MiniDV cam

    I don't have a lot of money. I appreciate any offers, or suggestions (re computer purchasing) (and/or money-acquiring, save hooking -- too much paperwork)


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