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1. Can I plug the G4 Workstation into a Samsung 19" (TCO95) monitor?

2. Is the 800mz G4 Workstation faster than the 800mz imac?

I want to use the mac for day trading and want to know if its fast enough.

Many thanks in advance


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    Well, the monitor thing depends how old your computer is. I'm pretty sure you can thought. Not quite sure on that one. I'll look it up for thought. The debate on the computer thing well, if you had my opinion, I'd say the Workstation G4 by a long run. Sorry iMac fans, I had to spill the beans.
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    dobbydobby Posts: 796member
    1. Yes the monitor will plug straight in.

    2. G4 Desktop is much faster.

    If you are using a real-time price feed, are pricing lots of options and are calulating multiple greeks at the same time then a dual 1Ghz

    would be more beneficial (budget allowing of course). Of course the software would need to be multithreaded to take advantage of SMP.


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    alfredhalfredh Posts: 29member
    I have my own excel calculation to price options, what else is there?
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    dobbydobby Posts: 796member
    Try Black and Scholes.

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    nebagakidnebagakid Posts: 2,692member
    the 800Mhz G4 Tower is faster than the iMac because of the internals.

    It has, besides a faster proccesor, a better graphics card and a more advanced I/O (Input/ Output System) for transfering data. giving you a much faster overall experince.

    Also, that much power may be too much if you are considering the iMac
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    There's are some details here that need clearing up.

    Actually, the G4 iMac and G4 towers have the same processors. The difference lies only in the amount of cache and bus speed. However, the 800 MHz tower lacks the L3 cache that makes its big brothers perform *much* better. Thus, the only advantage the 800 tower has over the 800 iMac is the faster bus. If you are doing calculation-intense work, which I assume you are, you will indeed notice slightly better performance with the tower, but nothing extreme.

    The tower will let you connect any kind of monitor to it. This is a big advantage over the iMac; it can have multiple monitors to spread out your workspace whereas the iMac only allows you to connect a single monitor to "mirror" the built-in display (which has a maximum size of 1024x768).

    The G4 "workstation" will likely be your best choice. It offers not only better speed but also far greater expandability.

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    alfredhalfredh Posts: 29member
    Thanks all

    I ordered my 933Mhz G4 from the Applestore last night.
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